Lap-Band in the News

Readers who are following weight loss news in the press have noticed the information about investigations into deaths associated with the lap band surgery at a Los Angeles based medical group. The media have been discussing the incidents of “ improper care” that led to several deaths among Lap-Band patients in California. We are discussing this topic today because here at CHRIAS we aim to provide objective information on how weight loss surgery can be a valuable, often life-saving tool when approached with proper practice and performed by qualified experts.

Weight loss surgeons around the nation have expressed their concern at the reported practice of the surgery centers associated with the 1-800-Get-Thin advertising campaign . The reported practice in those centers in Los Angeles are “an example of a ‘one-size-fits-all surgical approach,’ with devastating consequences,” stated the surgeons in a recent letter addressed to U.S. House members. “We urge that patients and colleagues alike focus on a multidisciplinary approach to a complex chronic illness and not rush to condemn a single procedure that has been a vital tool in the successful treatment of thousands of our patients.” The letter also underlined that weight-loss surgery patients are best served by clinics that provide a variety of services, not just the Lap-Band.

It has been proven beyond doubt that when performed properly, bariatric surgery can resolve a variety of life-threatening health problems, thus reaching far beyond mere weight loss. Clinical studies have confirmed that thanks to weight loss surgery some patients experience full remission or significant improvement of serious conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and high cholesterol levels. For individuals considering weight-loss surgery it is vital to select the right clinic that has appropriate credentials, experience and expertise to handle bariatric procedures in a comprehensive manner.

Lap-Band Surgery with CHRIAS

Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery (CHRIAS) is a group of highly professional, board-certified weight loss surgeons based in Newark, Delaware. Dr Irgau, Dr Wynn and Dr Peters have been performing bariatric surgery for over a decade and are well known and highly regarded pioneers in the field of bariatric surgery and not just the Lap Band. The three surgeons have been named Top Doctors in bariatric surgery by their peers. Our Institute offers advanced surgical procedures with emphasis on minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery including:

Gastric Bypass
Gastric Banding
• Lap Band
• Realize Band
Sleeve Gastrectomy

In our program we collaborate with a team of professionals including nutritionists, psychologists and endocrinologists to select the proper candidates for the surgery and to prepare them with education and evaluation through individual counseling and group classes. This multidisciplinary approach is vital for the long term success of any type of weight loss surgery.Our patients understand the importance of lifelong follow up to secure long term success and reduce the risk of complications of weight loss surgery.

Whether it is weight loss or general surgery, CHRIAS is proud to have an outstanding record of safety and superior results. Laparoscopic procedures performed by our experts have an exceptional success rate with reduced discomfort and scarring, and earlier recovery. At CHRIAS we strive to exceed our patients’ highest expectations, providing excellent care in a friendly and compassionate environment. Whether the surgery is performed in a major hospital like Christiana Hospital or a surgery center, meticulous preparation and the highest standards of safety are the hallmarks of our our practice here at the Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery(CHRIAS).

For further information and to schedule your free weight loss surgery seminar register on our website, or call us today at (302) 892-9900.

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