Bariatric Success Story: Tyralyn Taylor

Over the years, we have worked on thousands of bariatric weight loss surgeries here at CHRIAS. We also have had the privilege of meeting true heroes and heroines of weight loss battlefield. While only those who fight obesity first-hand know what it feels like, we take our patients’ challenges close to heart and respect their daily struggles. Our experienced board certified surgeons and staff are dedicated to helping patients achieve permanent weight loss withminimally invasive procedures, and we pride ourselves in thousands of “victories”.

Numerous success stories testify that CHRIAS is the “go-to” place when an individual faces the journey of restoring health through bariatric weight loss. Testimonials of dramatic transformations serve as an inspiration to many others. The star of our spotlight today is Tyralyn Taylor, a LAP-BAND® patient who lost 102 pounds after surgery and has maintained a healthy weight for years.

Tyralyn’s struggle with weight began in her teen years when she made every possible effort to keep the numbers on her scale under control. Tyralyn joined fitness clubs, frequented gyms and used the Weight Watchers program along with other available weight loss tools. Even though Tyralyn saw some results, she would always end up regaining the weight. Her story could have become one of a life-long struggle, had it not reached a turning point.

Tyralyn’s weight loss surgery in Delaware
Things got very serious when Tyralyn began developing obesity-related conditions. Her blood pressure and sugar raised above the norm, making her pre-diabetic. Her achy back and legs troubled her. Suddenly Tyralyn realized that she could not afford to miss that wake-up call. It was time to take a decisive step. Tyralyn contacted CHRIAS for help, and with guidance and comprehensive support from our specialists, she decided to undergo a LAP-BAND® procedure. Later she said, “It was the best choice I ever made.”

Tyralyn had her surgery performed by Dr. Michael Peters Jr., MD, FACS. “Dr. Peters and the CHRIAS staff are fantastic,” said Tyralyn afterwards, “They genuinely want you to succeed. They are there to provide you support during your journey.” Tyralyn explained that she chose LAP-BAND® because it was “not a permanent change to the body” and provided much-needed portion control. “Now I enjoy life, feel great, no longer have any health problems,” continued Tyralyn. She confided that now she “can actually fit on amusement park rides, and it’s really fun going to buy clothes from regular stores, and they fit!”

We congratulate Ms. Taylor on her lasting success and we thank her for sharing this inspiring story that encourages others to take control over their health before it is too late. It is understandable that choosing a bariatric procedure can be a big step, but our goal at CHRIAS is to educate our patients about the many serious risks of obesity.

Our experienced specialists at CHRIAS have performed thousands of successful surgeries, helping people get their lives on a healthier track. Call our offices today at (302) 892-9900 to schedule your personal consultation. Take a definitive step toward a wholesome life and become an example of hope and inspiration to many others!

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