Preparing for a Bariatric-Friendly Holiday

The holidays are fast approaching, which means not only will you be enjoying time with family and friends, but you will also be testing the new habits and lifestyle you’ve been developing since your bariatric surgery. For many patients, holiday events and family parties require a careful blending of new habits with old customs. At CHRIAS, we understand that part of the pleasure of the holidays is satisfying favorite traditions.Fortunately, we have some ideas that can help you enjoy this eventful season while still remaining true to your goals.

Eat Something Small Before the Party- There’s no rule against eating before you attend a banquet or family function. Being satisfied before you arrive at the party will ensure you make good choices and only choose the items you really want to enjoy. A simple high-protein snack will set you up for a successful evening.

Focus on the People You Love- One pleasure of the holidays is visiting with friends and family you may not get to enjoy on a regular basis. Now that your focus is turned away from food, you can focus more time on socializing with the people who matter most.

Regularly Attend Our Support Groups- Studies have shown that patients who regularly attendsupport groups have a higher weight-loss success and satisfaction rate than their peers who choose not to attend groups. Here you will meet with others who share similar goals and may have advice to help you successfully navigate the holidays.

Supply a Bariatric-Friendly Dish- Have you ever said no to a guest bringing their famous lasagna or grandma’s incredible corn bread? Chances are your host will jump at the offer of an additional bariatric-friendly course. Bringing your own option will allow you to sample a few favorite items, but still remain successful on your bariatric journey.

Reward Yourself For Making Good Choices- Nothing reinforces positive actions better than a reward. As you find yourself losing weight after LAP-BAND or the Realize Band Surgery, treat yourself to a new pair of jeans or a better-fitting sweater to wear to an event. These small reminders will keep you focused when you’re tempted to be lax.

Habits are built one action at a time and every good choice helps solidify your healthy new lifestyle. Congratulate yourself on maintaining your goals every time you have a success. The holidays traditionally can be a tricky time to lose weight, but if you follow these steps you can still enjoy favorite holiday traditions and benefit from steady weight-loss. To learn more about bariatric surgery at Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery, sign up for a free informational seminar or contact us at 302-892-9900.

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