Showing Your Body Gratitude

As Thanksgiving has come and gone, we have had the opportunity to reflect on what we have to be thankful for- family, friends, and especially our health. For those of you who are enjoying good health, show your body your gratitude by treating it with care. For those of us who are restoring our body to a healthier state, we encourage you to continue working on your new goals before and after bariatric surgery. Whatever stage you’re in, show your body gratitude with these simple steps.

We’ve all read enough magazine headlines to know that exercise is a key factor in not only weight loss, but in helping people live longer, healthier lives. Vigorous exercise can improve a person’s mood, combat health conditions, and give extra energy. Even a small increase in exercise is a great step towards building this healthy habit into your life. (Patients who are just beginning an exercise routine should meet with their doctor first to determine what the initial amount of exercise is right for them.)

Eat Well-
Just like any powerful machine, your body needs the proper resources to fuel it. Feeding your body meals with low nutritional value is like powering a train on sticks. Just like a train, your body needs higher quality fuel to run efficiently. Show your body gratitude for the work it does by preparing nutritious meals at home, selecting higher protein options when eating out, and limiting snacks. The first few months after the gastric band, gastric bypass, and gastric sleevesurgeries are especially important for building good habits and a sound nutritional foundation.

Praise Yourself-
For most people changing years of habits doesn’t come easily. Praise yourself for each milestone and every improvement, no matter how simple it might seem. Whether you were able to add an additional 5 minutes to your walking routine or you discovered you no longer need a medication after losing weight, celebrate your accomplishments and praise yourself on your successes. Our support groups are an excellent place for patients to praise and encourage each other during their weight loss journey.

Be Forgiving-
Along with praising your body is learning how to forgive weight loss hiccups. We know atCHRIAS that the road to weight loss can take time. Small setbacks and re-affirming goals are part of embedding a new lifestyle. Instead of getting frustrated, remember that learning can come from mistakes and small delays matter little in the scheme of things.

A New Indulgence-
Before weight loss, the license to indulge might have lead to a trip to your favorite restaurant or a large popcorn and drink combo at the movies. After a bariatric procedure, indulging might mean treating yourself to a new outfit, getting a massage, or finally signing up for that yoga class you’ve wanted to try. Treat yourself to healthy new experiences as you progress in your goals — your body deserves it.

No matter where you are after weight loss surgery, showing your body gratitude and treating your body with respect is an important step in improving your health. Tending to your body with care can speed weight loss, boost confidence, and embed healthy new habits. To learn more about how bariatric surgeries like the LAP-BAND or Realize Band can improve your quality of life, sign up for a free informational seminar or contact the Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery at 302-892-9900.

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