New Year, New You! (Part 2)

It never fails that at the end of every year we vow to make our next year better than the last. With the help of bariatric surgery and the ensuing benefits of weight loss, 2013 can be your best year yet! Weight loss has been attributed to increased energy, confidence, and a general improvement on a person’s quality-of-life. Why not reap the benefits of your decision to lose weight by adding some activities that may have previously given you pause? Here at Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery we have a few suggestions for making the best of your new year and new life.

Try Out a New Hobby
Reduced weight has been linked to increased energy and stamina. Use this new burst of pep to register for a pottery class after work or sign-up for a carpentry class, rather than catch up on your Netflix cue.

Sign Up For a Sport or Fitness Class
Have you always wanted to do yoga or sign up for an intramural sport team but felt intimidated or unfit? After weight loss surgery like LAP-BAND or gastric bypass, patients can enjoy the benefits even small weight loss can offer. Not only will signing up for a new class or team help you to maintain healthy weight loss, but you’ll enjoy new experiences and possibly make new friends.

Change Your Clothing Style
If you’ve been stuck in a fashion rut, your recent weight loss can be an excellent opportunity to try new styles. Take advantage of personal shoppers (many stores offer their services) who can help you find a fresh new style for 2013.

As you lose weight, more travel options may open up to you. Use your extra energy to explore exotic locations and take in the local scene.

Volunteer at a Community Center
Studies have shown that people who volunteer have a higher sense of overall satisfaction. Share your new positive lifestyle by volunteering at your local community center or becoming a mentor to a teen.

To learn more about how bariatric surgery can give you a new lease on life in 2013, attend one of our free informational seminars, or contact us at 302-892-9900.

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