The Importance of Exercise

This winter, many states have been reporting colder, more wet winters than we’ve seen in a while. Although it’s easy to derail that New Year’s resolution to get more exercise when it’s still snowy and cold outside, studies have shown that even small amounts of exercise can reap impressive health benefits. While bariatric surgery has been shown to combat rising obesity levels, further studies have emphasized the advantage of paring surgery with healthy diet and exercise habits to maintain weight loss and general health. Rather than put off exercise until the weather warms up, why not find a few ways to torch some calories while the temps are frigid?

Take Advantage of your local GYM or YMCA
Not only do gyms and most YMCA’s offer well stocked weight rooms and cardio machines, but many locations offer classes as well. Before you take advantage of the machines and weights available, we recommend meeting with one of our physicians at CHRIAS to ensure you are physically healthy enough to exercise.

Stroll the Mall
Did you know that many malls open their doors before stores actually open? Take advantage of their open floor plan and speed walk the mall before it fills up with customers. This low-impact exercise is perfect for Lap-Band or Realize Band patients who may be just getting back into exercising. They may even have walking clubs to join.

Try a Home Exercise DVD
If it’s cold outside why not try a home Exercise DVD? Videos range from yoga, to Latin dance, to tae bo. As an added bonus, many libraries offer these videos in their media section – sometimes even for free! Video streaming services often have a great selection of exercises classes as well.

Sign Up for a Class
When the thermometer says it’s twenty degrees outside, a Hot Yoga class sounds right up our alley! Take advantage of yoga or pilates classes, bootcamp sessions, or a dance class to stay out of the cold and still feel the burn. Discount coupon websites usually have wonderful deals for deeply discounted classes.

Attend a Support Group
True, support groups are not typically known for torching calories, but during a session you might be pleased to discover insider suggestions for great exercise classes, workout tips, or even find a new workout partner. This is especially helpful if you’re experiencing a slump in your workout.

While it’s easier to wait until the weather warms up to begin your workout schedule, you’ll miss out on months of health benefits that could increase your weight loss, build strength, and improve confidence. Why put it off? To learn more about weight loss surgery at one of our Delaware bariatric surgery offices, sign up for a free seminar or contact the Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery at 302-892-9900.

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