Medicare Now Covering Gastric Sleeve in Our Region

We are excited to announce that Medicare is now offering Gastric Sleeve coverage in our region. Patients who have been looking into bariatric surgery in Delaware will be pleased to know that this new option is available to them through updated coverage by Medicare. The gastric sleeve procedure is a popular decision for those suffering from obesity because it allows patients to reduce hunger while still enjoying small portions of food they love.

What is Gastric Sleeve?
The gastric sleeve procedure is an innovative way to reduce weight, lower obesity related illnesses, and improve the quality of your life. During gastric sleeve surgery at CHRIAS, one of our three board-certified surgeons will create a smaller, sleeve shaped stomach from your stomach pouch. No re-routing of the intestines (like with gastric bypass) is necessary. For this reason, patients experience fewer complications while still enjoying weight loss and improved health benefits. Typically, after having gastric sleeve, patients will feel satisfied eating smaller 3-4 ounce portions.

Why is Gastric Sleeve Beneficial to You?
While not every patient experiences the same symptoms or has the same health issues, many patients will find general relief for many ailments associated with obesity.

Weight loss- Weight loss is important for a myriad of health reasons. Aside from feeling better in your clothes, reduced weight can prevent future illnesses or resolve current diseases.

Reduced need for certain medications-
Some illnesses related to obesity have been reduced and even resolved after surgery. In many cases patients reported reducing or eliminating medication for those illnesses.

Improved quality of life- Many patients discover they have more energy, sleep better, and generally feel better after weight loss through bariatric surgery.

Improved cholesterol levels- As weight levels decrease, good cholesterol levels (HDL)rise and negative cholesterol (LDL) levels drop, according to the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

Less joint pain- As you lose weight you’ll notice less pressure on joints, which can result in less joint pain and in some cases arthritis relief.

Reduced heartburn- Excess stomach weight can cause your Lower Esophageal Sphincter to weaken and allow stomach acid into the esophagus. As you lose lbs. you may notice a vast improvement in heartburn frequency and intensity.

Improved fertility- While weight is only one factor in infertility, some studies have suggested that obesity can prevent normal ovulation and even interfere with successful In Vitro Fertilization. Losing weight can help restore hormone levels and prevent pregnancy complications.

Saved money- With reduced medical expenses including costs associated with doctors visits, hospital visits, and prescription drugs, many patients (and health carriers) recoup surgery expense within two years of the procedure.

Smaller scars- Since gastric sleeve surgery is done laparoscopically, patients have smaller scars.

No Rerouting of intestines- Unlike gastric bypass which alters the anatomy of the stomach and small intestines, the gastric sleeve procedure does not require rerouting of the intestines. This allows for better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Faster recovery and shorter hospital stays- Because gastric sleeve surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, patients will experience shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, and less pain than non-laparoscopic procedures.

For more information about Gastric Sleeve Surgery, or to learn more about new Medicare coverage, attend a free informational seminar or call us at 302-892-9900. We look forward to helping you determine if gastric sleeve surgery is right for you.

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