Exercises For The Beginner or Deconditioned Adult

Wait in line to buy groceries and you’ll probably notice the collage of magazines touting the health and weight loss benefits of exercise. Exercise for overall wellness is not a new idea; doctors, health officials, and fitness experts have been especially focused on educating the public about the necessity of daily physical exertion in the wake of our country’s obesity epidemic. Despite knowing we need to work out, many of us are unsure how to begin, especially if we’ve never exercised, or it’s been a while since we’ve felt the burn. On March 19th, CHRIAS will be offering a free support group to help beginner or deconditioned adults with establishing an exercise routine. In the meantime, we’d like to offer some suggestions to help you get your exercise goals started after approval from your doctor.

Did you know walking is the first exercise doctors encourage their patients to do after bariatric surgery? Aside from weight loss, this low impact exercise offers plenty of benefits including a reduced risk for heart disease and strokes, a lower likelihood of developing diabetes, and a boosted immune system. Not only that, but daily walkers enjoy more energy and less stress. Since walking only requires a supportive pair of shoes, you can do this activity anywhere. Grab a friend and double up exercise time and catching up.

While yoga and pilates classes are great ways to improve flexibility, simple stretches that you can do at home can also reap great rewards. Take advantage of the endless resources available on the internet, movie streaming sites, or library to find a variety of stretching techniques. Get the most out of stretching by following these guidelines:

Don’t bounce- Ease into poses and hold them for a better stretch.
Aim For a Tension Not Pain- If you’re feeling pain you’re overdoing your stretch.
Be Consistent- Like with most routines, repetition leads to improved and lasting results.
Attend to Main Muscle Groups- Make sure you stretch main muscles and stretch both sides evenly.

The biggest mistake beginner exercisers make is starting an overly aggressive weight training routine. Sure, your first time in the gym you might be tempted to go all-out, but in reality working up to your goals is the best method. Starting slowly reduces the chance of injury and workout burnout (you don’t want to associate weight lifting with extreme pain). For many beginners light weights, bands, and body resistance is all you need to begin your weight training routine.

Ultimately, the most important factor of your workout routine is finding an exercise that you enjoy doing and will do at least 3 times a week. To learn more specific exercise tips from an expert, our Delaware weight loss center is pleased to offer training in our coming support group. We are focused on helping our patients succeed in their weight loss goals. To learn more about gastric banding, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery at the Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery, join us during our free informational weight loss surgery seminar.

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