Weight Loss Strategies to Help You Stay on Track

Just like a coach wouldn’t send his team on to the field without a game plan, or a singer wouldn’t begin a concert without warming up their vocal cords, proper planning and preparation can help you avoid unnecessary bumps and blocks along your road to weight loss. Bariatric surgery is not a quick-fix for losing excess body weight, but a tool designed to help you get control of your own weight and health. As summer approaches,CHRIAS is focused on helping our patients develop solid habits and behaviors that will help you navigate the tailgates, BBQs, and beach bonfires you’ll enjoy this summer. Find helpful weight loss tips and strategies on our blog, and enjoy additional training and support from an expert and peers at our correlating support group “Strategies to Stay on Track” on May 21st.

Visualize Your Goal
Many sources suggest that visualizing your goals can help make them a reality. Imagine yourself reaching your healthy goal weight or enjoying an activity that you can do now that you’re healthier. These reminders can help you avoid overeating when you’re tempted.

Eat Before You Attend
Eating before you arrive at a party doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few tastes of the items you love, it just means you won’t be as tempted to nosh on items you would normally avoid when you’re not hungry. Patients who have recently had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery are especially encouraged to eat a protein-rich meal to avoid overeating carb-heavy dishes that can lead to dumping syndrome.

Provide yourself with a little extra wiggle room when you get in extra workout time. A perk ofexercise is that most people realize they don’t want to waste calories earned from working out on nutritionally empty food choices.

Create a Game Plan
You don’t have to write down your game plan to benefit from it, but planning what (and how much) you will enjoy can help you maintain control during food focused events. Try running through your plan a few times in your head before attending the actual event.

Drink Your Water
Staying hydrated can help you determine if you’re just thirsty or actually hungry. As a plus,drinking water can help you feel satiated faster.

Indulge a Little
That’s right, we said indulge. The key words are “a little.” Enjoying a bite or two of your favorite foods at an event can help you not to feel deprived, which can result in overeating other items to satisfy your craving.

There are many helpful tips and strategies to boost your weight loss after gastric band, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass surgery. Attending support groups is an important aspect of weight loss since you will have the opportunity to learn from peers who are experiencing similar events as you. Our expert led support group can help maximize your satisfaction with your weight loss surgery. To learn more about surgeries offered at CHRIAS, sign up for our free weight loss seminar, or contact our Delaware office at (302) 892-9900.

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