A Message About Massage After Bariatric Surgery

Ah, the massage. Despite plenty of research about the benefits of regular massage, many people still consider a massage to be an indulgence saved for special occasions. You don’t need to be relaxing on a tropical island or headed to a fancy day spa to enjoy the rejuvenating and healthful effects of a massage. Unfortunately, many patients who are trying to lose weight feel uncomfortable with disrobing or having a licensed massage therapist rub their muscles. Patients should understand that a seasoned therapist will have helped a wide variety of patients and will be sensitive to your feelings and needs. Massage therapy by a licensed therapist can be an important step in your weight loss journey after bariatric surgery at CHRIAS.

Improved Circulation- Massage therapy can greatly improve the body’s ability to circulate blood which provides your body with oxygen and nutrients. Increased circulation is important for your health, weight loss, and ability to fight off infection.

Relaxation and Emotional Health- More than ever people are living at breakneck speeds. All this rushing around is exhausting, both physically and mentally. Massage therapy can help you slow down for an hour. During this appointment allow yourself to meditate, appreciate how far you’ve come, and even create a positive game plan for continued success after gastric band orgastric sleeve surgery. A calm, happy mind is important for staying motivated and focused.

Pain Relief- Maybe you’ve been working extra hard at the gym or you have sore muscles from your 9 to 5. Massage can be an excellent source of pain relief. A good therapist can determine what techniques will help relieve muscle strain, reduce pain, and help your muscles repair themselves.

Mind-Body Connection- After weight loss some patients may notice a disconnect between their current size and the weight they were before bariatric surgery. In surgeries like gastric bypasswhere large amounts of weight are lost quickly this can be especially true. Healing massages can help you reconnect to your body, allowing yourself to be more aware of your current state.

While weekly massages would be helpful, even infrequent massages can provide incredible benefits. Sign up yourself and a significant other for a couples massage, take advantage of local online deals, or even trade services at a local spa to enjoy massages more frequently. Some insurances even provide an allowance for massage therapy with the recommendation of a doctor. CHRIAS has been helping patients experience better overall health through our weight loss surgeries, excellent postoperative care, and motivating support groups. To learn more about bariatric surgery in Delaware, sign up for a free informational seminar or contact us at (302) 892-9900.

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