Plastic Surgery, What You Need to Know

Many patients who opt for weight loss surgery experience rapid changes in their weight over the course of a few months. Considering the great health benefits associated with achieving a healthy weight, such as diabetes reversal and a lowered risk for heart disease, the other side-effects of rapid weight loss (like excess skin) are often considered minimal. Not all patients will have excess skin, but patients who do and who are considering plastic surgery for body contouring should understand the requirements, benefits, and risks associated with plastic surgery after weight loss. CHRIAS will be hosting a special support group called “Plastic Surgery, What You Need to Know” on September 17th, at 6:30 pm at the Christiana Hospital. To find more personalized information on plastic surgery from an expert, please attend our free weight loss support group by registering at .

Depending on how long you’ve been obese, your skin elasticity, and how quickly you lost your weight, you may discover that after bariatric surgery you have excess skin. Body contouring can help you achieve a smoother appearance by removing sagging skin and improving the shape and tone of underlying skin and fat-supporting tissue.

You May Be a Candidate for Body Contouring If:

  • Your weight loss has stabilized after gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or gastric band surgery
  • You are healthy and do not have medical conditions that will prevent healing or increase surgery risk
  • You do not smoke
  • You are committed to an active, healthy lifestyle
  • You have a positive and realistic attitude about body contouring results

What Happens Before Plastic Surgery?
Before surgery, you will meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss what type of results you are looking for. Often the surgeon will ask about your health, diet, fitness level, and may even ask to take photographs or measurements for your medical record. During this time you may be asked to stop smoking in advance of surgery, take certain medications, or get lab testing. This appointment will help both you and your surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for body contouring.

If you are considering plastic surgery after weight loss surgery at our Newark, Delaware center, we encourage you to attend our free support group on September 17th at the Christiana Hospital. During the meeting an expert will be available to answer specific questions from the group and walk you through the process of body contouring. To learn more about our Newark, Delaware weight loss surgery center, please attend one of our free weight loss surgery seminars, call us at 302-892-9900, or contact us online.

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