New Year’s Resolutions for Bariatric Patients

Did you know weight loss is the top New Year’s Resolution made each year in America? With nearly 35% of American’s overweight or obese, it’s not surprising that many people choose weight loss as a goal for the coming year. However, if you’ve already had bariatric surgery, you may feel like you’ve already been working on your New Year’s Resolution throughout the year. At CHRIASwe believe that goals provide something to work towards and give a sense of accomplishment once finished. This year, why not think of creative resolutions to celebrate your new, healthier lifestyle?

Make one new recipe a week
Not only will your family or friends love you for it, but you may discover a world of recipes and foods that you never knew you enjoyed. Eating a diverse range of foods can help prevent boredom and can help you stay on track during and long after you’ve met your weight loss goals. Setting a goal will ensure you really do try to incorporate new, healthy foods into your evolving bariatric diet.

Try an exercise that scares you
If you’ve always wanted to take an exercise class but felt too self-conscious (Hello, Zumba), set a goal to try something new and stick to it. You will find that signing up for a yoga challenge, joining a sports team, or preparing for a 10K is a great way to stay active and challenge yourself in 2014. If you’ve just recently had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, your doctor may recommend that you stick to walking for the first few months. Set a goal to walk everyday, depending on the advice of your physician.

Volunteer once a month (or more!)
Give back. Become a mentor for someone who is just starting on his or her own weight loss journey. Spend time helping at a shelter. Work in a food distribution center preparing food for less fortunate families. Using your new-found energy to help others is a great way to celebrate your weight loss. Make a goal to give back once a week, once a month, or as often as you determine and then stick to that goal.

Change the way you perceive yourself
Now that you’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle, you will be faced with changing how you view yourself and how you represent yourself to others. If you’ve struggled with this in the past, 2014 is a great year to reinvent yourself! Make a goal to praise yourself and acknowledge your accomplishments each day. Spend some time each week writing down what you can improve on and what you have done well at and review that list at the end of the week. Make sure you plan when you will do this so that you are practicing positive affirmations each day.

New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be a way to review what you’d like to accomplish in the coming year. Don’t be afraid to set goals (or finish them!). Share goals with family and friends so that you are accountable, also, write them in a journal and review them often. To learn more about CHRIAS’ weight loss surgery center in Delaware, attend our free bariatric surgery seminar, call us at 302-892-9900, or contact us online. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for 2014!

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