“Tech”-niques to Help You Lose the Weight (and Keep It Off)

If you’re like many people these days, your phone is frequently glued to your hand or ear. Being tech-obsessed can be a hindrance if it leads to you relaxing on the couch while browsing internet and social media sites for hours at a time, but the opposite can also be true. Knowing how to use your tech devices like a tablet or phone can also be a savvy way to motivate, excite, or educate yourself about improving your lifestyle. There are many free weight loss apps available online that can help you stay focused, learn new behaviors, or motivate you to become more active. Here are a few of the best health apps to keep your weight loss going strong long after bariatric surgery.

Eat Slower
The free app Eat Slower (Free) can help you be more mindful of what (and how much) you are eating. Use the customizable countdown to help pace yourself while enjoying dinner. Between bites, we recommend you chew food completely to aid in digestion (especially if you’ve recently had surgery like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve). Pausing between bites also gives your body time to register you’ve begun eating.

My Diet Coach
Need a little assistance kicking a craving, or would a regular reminder help keep you focused on your goals? The free app My Diet Coach is like having a little pocket-sized coach to keep you motivated. Built with lots of tips and a place to set and review goals, this app may help you forgo temptation or get you to the gym when you have a million reasons to skip a session.

Seasonal and Simple
Getting enough nutrients on a limited calorie diet can be difficult if you are not filling your diet with plenty of fresh produce. Luckily for us, these days we can get all types of fresh fruits and vegetables practically any time of the year, however, eating seasonal produce can not only save you money, it can also amp up average weeknight meals with fresher flavors and higher nutritional contents. Seasonal and Simple offers an easy cheat sheet with info on when your favorite produce will be stocking the stores, as well as nutritional info and yummy recipes for favorite fruits and veggies.

7 Minute Workout
Think you don’t have time to work out? Think again. Johnson and Johnson have created a free app that allows you to get in a workout in just 7 minutes. That means you can sneak in a workoutwhile waiting in the car, catching up on the phone, or (broken up) during commercial breaks. Combine a few once you’ve built up your strength, or try some of the harder, longer workouts.

There are plenty of additional apps that can help incentivize you to get in a workout or make a better eating choice. Utilize apps like Overdrive Media Console which let you download free audio books to your phone or tablet. Only allow yourself to listen to that thriller or classic while hoofing it on the treadmill and you’ll find the time to hit the gym. Get creative with technology, treat yourself to an app that motives you to try something new, or to retrain behaviors. To learn more about CHRIAS, attend one of our free informational weight loss seminars. Or, attend a freebariatric surgery and weight loss support group in Delaware. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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