Tricks to Avoid Mindless Munching

Bariatric surgery can be a valuable weight loss tool, and can greatly speed a patient’s weight loss if you follow the recommended weight loss plan our licensed dietitian will help you create. Many patients find great success with their weight loss efforts after bariatric surgery at our Delaware weight loss surgery center, however, making unhealthy eating choices can still slow or stall your progress. If you’re wondering how it’s even possible to prevent weight loss after restrictive surgery like gastric bypass, we offer one simple reason: snacking. Mindless munching can interfere with accelerated weight loss because it’s easy to consume many calories if you are frequently eating just a bite at a time.

Even with the small portions that patients can consume after gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric banding you can still eat too many calories over the course of a day. With a regular meal you eat until your body signals that you are satisfied. With snacking or grazing you take a nibble here and there, never eating enough to signal to your body that you have eaten enough. Over the course of a day a nibble here and bite there can result in quite a few calories if you’re eating the wrong kinds of foods. So how can you combat distracted snacking after bariatric surgery? We have a few helpful bariatric weight loss tips that can help you stop the munchies:

Don’t Skip Meals
Skipping meals is a surefire way to set you up for temptation. It’s a lot harder to resist a brownie bite when you’re hungry than when you’ve just enjoyed a high protein meal.

Keep a Food Journal
Keeping a food journal will help you keep accountable when you’re tempted to overdo it. Writing down every taste will help you see just how much you’ve eaten. As a bonus, it’s a great way to track successes and slumps based on food patterns.

Avoid Trigger Foods
If you know that you absolutely can’t resist Almond Joys or you have a soft spot for peanut butter cookies, don’t bring them in the house. No one at home really benefits from junk food. If they’re at work, make sure they’re on the other side of the office.

Keep Busy
Keeping hands busy knitting or your body busy playing basketball makes nibbling snacks more difficult. If you find yourself craving a snack after you’ve recently eaten, consider picking up a hobby to distract you until the urge passes.

Talk to a Behavioral Specialist
If you’ve tried to control your eating behaviors and nothing has helped, there is nothing wrong with working with a behavior specialist to help you gain control of your eating urges.

With that being said, snacks are not a bad thing when planned and limited. Enjoying a high protein snack such as string cheese or a small amount of peanut butter on apple slices can help keep you satisfied between meals, and can even help prevent mindless snacking. It’s all about portions and what foods you select to feed your body. If you’re wondering how much should you eat after bariatric surgery, or if you need some great bariatric surgery weight loss tips, attend one of our free support groups. If you’re interested in learning more about weight loss surgery in Delaware, please attend one of our free bariatric surgery seminars or call us at 302-892-9900.

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