Loving Your Healthier Self After Weight Loss

Around Valentine’s Day we’re often focused on the creative cards, the gift giving, and the declarations of love for partners for family members. But do we show ourselves enough love, too? Often it’s easier to praise others for their amazing qualities than it is to see the wonderful things about our self. After weight loss surgery some people struggle with loving their new, healthier self and it’s not uncommon for people who are near their goal weight to self-sabotage because they are afraid of achieving what they have been working so hard towards. Learning how to love your body and to celebrate your weight loss success is an important part of the weight loss process at CHRIAS. We’ve put together a list of things you should remember about appreciating yourself this Valentine’s Day:

You Deserve To Feel Great About Your Healthy New Self
When you look back at the last few months or years after bariatric surgery at our Delaware weight loss surgery center, look at the dedication and time you put into changing your life into a healthier one. You have worked hard! There is nothing wrong with feeling confident in your new skin. As a way to reward yourself, take yourself shopping for a new outfit, treat yourself to an event, or splurge on a mini-vacation to a place you wouldn’t have visited before your weight loss.

Sometimes Self-Acceptance Takes Time.
While some people slip into their healthy new role easily, for others learning how to navigate their new lifestyle or figure is still a challenge. That’s ok. Since weight loss surgery you have made significant changes to your body and habits. It might take some time to get more comfortable with your changed appearance. Attending support groups with people who have experienced the same feelings can be a great way to address your concerns and to learn how others developed a healthy level of self-confidence after weight loss surgery.

Having a Healthy Lifestyle is Positive
It’s not uncommon for patients to share that loved ones have had a hard time accepting their dedication to healthier living. Despite outside pressure to return to previous lifestyle habits, achieving a healthy weight, eating nutritious food, and being physically active are all admirable habits. Don’t apologize for improving your quality of life.

This Valentine’s Day, remember that part of being able to love others is being able to love yourself. Learning how to embrace your new healthy lifestyle and appearance after bariatric surgery can be tricky for some, but it is an essential step in long-term weight loss maintenance. If you have not had bariatric surgery but are interested in learning more about gastric bypass,sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric banding, please attend our free weight loss surgery seminar at the Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery, reach out to us online for a consultation, or call us at 302-892-9900.

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