Struggling After Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve recently had bariatric surgery, or you are signed up for weight loss surgery at our Delaware center, you’ve probably heard us say that bariatric surgery is not a free pass from obesity, it is a valuable tool to help you change your habits and get control of your weight and health. It’s easy to expect that once the procedure is finished the weight will come dripping off.And while many patients do lose a significant amount of weight after bariatric surgery, some find that they need to give it an extra push after the initial rapid weight loss phase. Seeing your weight loss slow down can be disappointing when you’ve been seeing such drops on the scale, but learning how to manage frustration and struggles can help keep that disappointment at bay.

If you have been struggling with revving up your weight loss or if you’ve been feeling frustration, please attend our free support groups that are tailored for patients who are struggling after bariatric surgery. We’ll discuss ways to cope with issues that are causing you to strife in our free Delaware weight loss surgery support group. Until then, check out how you can combat some of the struggles patients experience after weight loss surgery.

Combating Eating Struggles After Weight Loss Surgery
Even with physical restrictions on your portion sizes, some patients find it difficult to follow a bariatric diet. Before surgery you are instructed to follow a very specific diet to prepare you for surgery, but also to help you jumpstart a change in your eating habits. Since the amount you can eat is smaller after surgery, it is important to choose nutrient-rich, protein-dense foods that pack a serious punch in a small portion. If you’re struggling with eating choosing healthy foods, snacking, or controlling portions, ask our expert for tips at our free support group.

Finding Time to Exercise After Bariatric Surgery
With a busy schedule it may seem impossible to find time to exercise. Learning how to sneak in fitness plays a major role in weight loss, your health, and your appearance. Toning up muscles can help with loose skin, amp up calorie burn, and improve the health of your heart. If you struggle to find time to exercise, at our support group you may find some great tips from other patients who have had a similar experience.

Preventing Complications After Weight Loss Surgery
Following the diet prescribed to you by our nutritionist, taking the recommended vitamins, and being mindful of portions can help prevent some possible complications associated with bariatric surgery. Maintaining follow-up visits with your surgeon is also important, as that will help them review your overall health and allow them to check for complications.

It’s important to remember that when you follow the guidelines given by our board-certified surgeons, or that when you stick with the healthy eating plan created for you by our nutritionist you will lose weight. However, just like with any weight loss plan, there will be hurdles, struggles, and little frustrations- and it takes work. Come to our next support group for great tips on overcoming struggles, or come to enjoy time with people who can encourage and guide you as you navigate weight loss. To learn more about gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or gastric banding in Delaware, attend a free weight loss surgery seminar, call us at 302-892-9900, or contact us online.

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